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Bargain Structure's Design Policies

Our Standard Widths:

Residential Widths - 12' 18' 20' 22' 24'

Triple Car Widths: - 26' 28' 30'

Commercial or Agriculture Widths - 32' 36' 38' 40' 42' 44' 46' 50' 52' 54' 56' 60'

Our Standard Frame Lengths:

20' 30' 35' 40' 45' 50' 55' 60' 65' 70' 75' 80' 85' 90' 95' 100'

Standard Side Wall Height:

6' Standard



9' + Bracing Package must be added

10' + Bracing Package must be added

11' + Bracing Package must be added

12' + Bracing Package must be added

13' + Double Legs - This height is not available in every state.

14' + Double Legs - This height is not available in every state.

Roofing Measurements:

All roofs are (1') longer than the frame lengths above

Standard Steel Tubing Gauge:

14 Gauge

12 Gauge is a upgrade that cost additional, and is not needed unless you live in an extreme weather area, winds, or snow load.etc..

Steel Tubing Sizes:

2 1/2" Square Tubing is Standard

Tubing Warranty:

The American Galvanized Steel Association says that Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel can last up to 50 years buried in the ground or submerged under water. We give you a 25 year manufacturer warranty.

Standard Roofing and Siding Metal Gauge:

29 Gauge

Metal Width: 36" (3')

Metal Sheeting Warranty:

We give you a 25 year manufacturer warranty for metal sheeting used for it natural purposes.

Horizontal Roofing Style Structures - The metal roof is installed from front to back.

Regular Style Structures

A-frame / Boxed Eve Style Structures

Maximum length for Horizontal Roofing is 36' in length after this we can only sell a Vertical Style unless a waiver is signed.

Vertical Roofing Style Structure - The metal in installed to run up and down from the Ridge cap to the bottom Eve.

Vertical Style Structures is the only structure with a vertical roof.

We recommend all areas with high winds or heavy snow loads to use the vertical structure for increased durability.

All Commercial Grade Buildings are mandatory Vertical Roofs

Anchoring Systems:

Basic ground anchoring system this is 36" rebar anchors that are placed between each leg on both sides.

Mobile Home Anchors - Is a up-graded method that require an additional cost per anchor for ground and asphalt use.

Concrete Anchors are include in most states some states there is an additional fee, please ask your sale representative.

Side Wall Enclosure:

Is always installed horizontal unless you upgrade the wall installation to a vertical for and additional fee for bracing and metal.

Heavy Snow Load Structure Style Recommendation:

If you live in an extreme weather state with high winds or heavy snow loads, we recommend a Vertical Style Structure that is upgraded to 12 gauge. This will get you a 35 psf. and up to 140 mph straight wind certification.

Garage Roll-up Door Installation:

Must have an additional 1' roof clearance above the door. Example: 10' x 8' Door must have at least a 9' side wall.

Must have at least 1' on each side of door. Example: 10' x 8' minimum build width is 12' wide

There is additional fee for placing the Roll-up door on the side wall - for framing to maintain integrity of the structures roof.

Structure Colors:

We have approximately 13 colors to choose from at no additional cost.

Customer chooses the Roof Color

Trim Metal Color

Siding, gable colors if you added the additions to your structure.

Commercial Structures Additional fees:

In some cases on commercial and agriculture structures we require a lift and modified shipping procedures that are billed to the customer.

Permits and Customer Local Requirements:

Bargain Structures in no way are responsible for obtaining building permits or other type permits for the customer.

We will furnish you a building plans to obtain the permit after the deposit has been paid.

Structure Certifications:

We guarantee that all our structures are engineer certified according to your states building codes.

Structure Ordering:

To place your order we require a deposit to consider the order as being placed.

The deposit amount depends on the amount of the structure but is usually no less than 10% and no more than 15%.

Commercial and Agriculture order deposit can be more than the standard fee depending on the size of the structure.