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Compliance Department

In this department we handle everything from Business license, Contractor license, Insurance to assisting the the Customer is Obtaining Permits and Drawings.

We however do not pay permit fees this is the customers responsibility.

We do not get the permits for the customer. ( We can assist them if needed )

We can not assist in permits or drawings until a order has been placed.

We recommend to the customer to research their local codes to see if a metal structure is allowed where they live.

We are not responsible for any fines or fees in the event a customer refuses to get a permit if required.

If you have any questions on permits or drawings please ask your sales representative for information.

Contact Us

Please be advised that we can not help with permits prior to a purchase of a structure. We must have a active order to send you plans and aid in obtaining a building permit.

If you have placed your order and need assistance in applying for a permit to have your structure delivered and installed please complete the contact form and give us your invoice number.

A compliance officer will contact you shortly after and assist in getting the necessary document for you to complete or any other instrument you may need.

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